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How a Hypnosis Session Works

This process is all about you, you may have a lot of questions about the process and hypnosis in general, which is totally normal.  This guide is here to help.

Our Mission

This will not be your average therapy session, we do things differently. 

  • We believe in working on what you want - not simply talking around the problem. 
  • We believe in helping you find solutions using your own internal resources with hypnotic techniques. 
  • We believe in building powerful resource states that give the you control you need
  • We believe in freedom to build an amazing life. The one you want, not the one you're putting up with.

Getting Started


Step 1 - Book a free strategy call

This is a quick chat, where we will talk about what you would like to work on. You’ll also find out how it works, we’ll demystify the whole hypnosis aspect and you’ll get an idea of what you can expect for your investment of time and money. 


Step 2 - Pick a time for your hypnosis session

Once you are ready to begin, you pick a time and make payment securely for your sessions online in just a couple of clicks.  We have a mix of evening and daytime appointments available to fit around your personal and professional life. 


Step 3 - Let's get to work online

During the sessions everything is personalised to your specific situation. We work together as a team and to help you get total freedom from the unwanted behaviour or habit. 

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Quitting smoking (cigarettes, cannabis, e-cigarettes, vaping)
  • Freedom from unwanted anxiety, panic attacks, fears and phobias
  • Overcoming homesickness, adapting to life in a new country
  • Stress reduction and management
  • Mental blocks related to career or business growth
  • Improving motivation and drive
  • Boosting Self-confidence
  • Sports performance
  • Exam and study related stress

If you have something that is not in this list, there's a good chance we're still able to help. Book a free strategy call or email us

Questions and Answers

How does hypnosis work?

Learn More
Our help article talks about how hypnosis works and the scientific evidence behind it. 

How long does a session take?

Each session lasts roughly between 50-70 minutes. We recommend leaving up to 90 minutes free.

How many sessions will I need?

This depends on the issue and your circumstances. We work within a framework of between 1-3 sessions to start with. Sometimes there is more work to do - and we’ll tell you when this is the case. The aim will be that from the very first session, that you already feel some benefit.

What does it feel like?

There is no specific feeling.  Many people will notice profound relaxation, but not everyone. It varies from person to person, and can the feeling itself change throughout the session. There will be moments where you can feel incredibly relaxed, and others more alert.

What happens during a session?

There’ll be a mix of discussion, hypnosis and directly testing our work, so that you know its working and feel immediately better from the first session.

What happens after a session?

We may give you quick and easy techniques to use on yourself between sessions to further enhance the work done.

Once the set of sessions is complete, we encourage you to keep in touch and tell us about your success!

Why an Online Hypnosis Session is Effective

All our private sessions are carried out online, through video conferencing, giving you more flexibility and freedom to arrange the session at a time and place that suits you. 

  • All you need is a camera, microphone and somewhere comfortable to sit
  • It’s easy to connect, click the link in your confirmation email to connect. We use Zoom which can be used from a smartphone, tablet or computer. 
  • Experience hypnosis in any suitable environment, anywhere in the world,  whether it be at home, office or in your car (parked of course!)
  • Hypnosis works in exactly the same way as in person, and is even more effective online because you’ll be able to feel and apply what you have learnt directly in your own environment, rather than a clinic.

How to Book

Learn more about how we can work together to help you change by booking a free strategy call now.

This can be done in a couple of clicks.

The call will take place via Zoom, just like a regular session.