Improve Your Sleep with Hypnosis

Sleep is so important for our mental health, our physical well being, our mood, stress levels, and even our appetite.  

My one-to-one hypnosis programme is designed to give you practical tools so you can improve your sleep in a short space of time, and help you find more energy to reach your goals. 

My 1-1 programme is offered exclusively online via Zoom - which is even more effective, as you'll be able to directly experience the changes in a real environment, without needing to travel.  

Common Sleep Issues I Help With

Are you suffering from one of the following? I can help you. 

  • Sleepless nights
  • Stress about going to sleep
  • Teeth grinding 
  • Sleep habits
  • Bed wetting

We begin with a short consultation to see whether your issue lies within my scope of practice and so you know how I can help you, before you make your investment of time and money. 

What Happens?

  • I'll teach you how to go to bed without worrying about your sleep or stressing over a routine
  • My sessions are fun, you'll discover how to reprogramme your subconscious thoughts, habits and patterns affecting your sleep
  • We'll work together for roughly 2-3 sessions, as well as guidance and support
  • Everything is tailored to you - no cookie-cutter sessions here.
  • It's advised that you speak to your doctor first to rule out any physical conditions that may be affecting your sleep. 

Helpful Resources

Sleep Hypnosis Audio Downloads

Just looking for something to listen to? Purchase my Sleep Now premium hypnosis audio to help you drift into a deeply relaxed state in under 15 minutes.  Download to any device and listen in a place where you'd like to effortlessly fall asleep. 


Price: €7.99

30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee.