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I give my clients the option of sharing their experience if they choose to. Perhaps you will be inspired by some of the success stories on this page. 

Hypnosis for Exam Anxiety

I visited Mr. Oliver M. James because I wanted to get rid of exam phobia. Initally I was apprehensive because I had never tried hypnotherapy before. I even wordered whether it was worth the time and money as a student. However, as we progressed through the sessions, I started to observed astonishing positive changes in the way I approched life and thought about examinations. I would recommend 'Boost Hypnosis' to anyone wanting to change their limiting behaviours and live life wholeheartedly.

Nirmayi, Belgium

Hypnosis for Nail Biting

I was surprised how vivid and helpful the guided visualisations were. I came to many answers quite easily, that in therapy would have taken months to find.

E, Belgium

Months of restless sleep and insomnia - Gone!

I am very impressed with the results so far & have been sleeping though the night since my sessions with Oliver.

S, Germany

Hypnosis for Sleep

“I had two sessions with Oliver to help solve sleep deprivation. Both sessions were fantastic and really helped me relax and take steps to improving my sleep. I came away with some great techniques to help me get to sleep which I am still using to this day. Thanks Oliver!”

Kieran, Belgium

Procrastination Hypnosis

“A single session helped me to focus, gain motivation and stop procrastinating. I’m seeing the benefits more and more as time goes on. Thank you Oliver."

Helen, United Kingdom

Calm, friendly and very trustable therapist

I had multiple hypnosis sessions with Oliver. He presented a tool to me on how to get rid of a migraine in an instance, furthermore I was trained to “power relax” within a short amount of time, giving me the full energy to be 100% focused at any given time. Oliver himself is an incredibly calm, friendly and very trustable therapist. I recommend him to everyone!”

Lucas, Germany

Confidence - "He really helped me to see that I do have it already inside"

“I had an amazing session with Oliver this morning to address the issue of confidence.
I was really impressed with how he approached it and he really helped me to see that I do have it already inside and how I can draw on it when needed.
I am very thankful and highly recommend working with him.!”

Carlee, United Arab Emirates

Hypnosis for Anxiety

This stuff is real. I was coming cold turkey off a nasty Xanax and alcohol addiction two years ago, so bad I was experiencing seizures. After a session with Oliver, I was absolutely relaxed and my heartbeat had come down noticeably and I could even rest for a few hours. Shaky hands and wet palms were gone and I was myself.

Without hypnosis, I was a wreck; anxiety was at an all time high and I felt absolutely miserable. It’s amazing how much a hypnosis session can rearrange the brain even when you are depleted from chemicals it has been used to for years.”

Nathan, United States

Oliver is one of the most talented hypnotists I have had the pleasure of working with! I’m so glad our paths crossed and I hope it crosses again on another journey.

Riza, United States

Overcoming Muscian's Block with Hypnosis

I had trouble holding the guitar pick like I once could. I believe it was due to some mental block as opposed to a technical issue. I am now definitely more comfortable holding the guitar pick. Even though I am not fully back to how I used to, with time and practice I will get there.
This method actually worked and had an effect whereas other methods were unsuccessful and did not really address the problem.

M, United Kingdom

Have been genuinely surprised by the almost immediate positive benefits of this process.

Oliver is a gentle-mannered, warm and friendly professional who has the flair to put you right at ease. Entered the process with an open mind. Have been genuinely surprised by the almost immediate positive benefits of this process. Wish I had given it a try years ago. Highly recommend.

Yasmina, Belgium

I began to gain more confidence and started to find pleasure just speaking

The hypnotherapy sessions were amazing! Like many language learners out there, I also had an immense fear of speaking the languages I'm learning. It was only after these sessions I had with Oliver, I began to gain more confidence and started to find pleasure just speaking! Oliver also taught my several self-hypnosis techniques that I can use whenever I need to. Thank you very much for this wonderful experience!

Wayne, Singapore

Hypnosis for Stop Smoking

I wanted to stop smoking, especially when drinking or stressed. I did not have high expectations but wanted to try it. It was a gradual process but I am more convinced then ever that smoking is not part of me anymore. Oliver was very nice, calm and made me feel comfortable. It is a good tool to break final barriers of something which you want to stop doing.

D, Belgium

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