Free Anxiety Course

Learn simple and quick science-based techniques to calm anxiety. No fluff, just stuff you can use rapidly in any situation. 

Contains 8 mini audio lessons

What You Will Learn

The lessons are simple, to the point and easy to learn. Practice them and they will serve you well.


Understand anxiety for what it is, what's happening in the brain and why it's normal. 


A simple template which you can use in any situation and measure what's working


Learn 7/11 breathing and why breathing correctly is important. 

Slow Down

How to use your peripheral vision to bring anxiety under control

Cravings & Panic

Eliminate a craving or urge for sugar, cigarettes or alcohol and prevent panic attacks. 

Self Talk

Learn an easy way to quieten that inner voice that won't shut up. 


Quieten the mind and release anxiety built up in the body


Transform the uncomfortable knots, palpitations, tightening, heaviness using just your imagination in an interesting way.