Hypnosis Downloads: An Easy Way To Improve Your Life

New to hypnosis? You can benefit from my free hypnosis downloads that are available for anyone and everyone. There are also a number of budget friendly hypnosis recordings available for specific issues.

These powerful hypnosis recordings are designed as an introduction to hypnotherapy.  There are lots of ways you can use these free downloads from helping to quiten your mind, reduce stress, get relief from anxiety or simply just for taking a break. 

Free Hypnosis Audio Downloads

Hypnosis audio download for relaxation

Deep Relaxation Hypnosis

Free  €7.99

Leave your stress behind with this introduction to hypnosis recording. 
Relax deeply and let go of any stress, tension and anxiety. Listen as often as you want. 


  • MP3 file so you can listen on any device
  • Video version available
  • Duration: 20 minutes

Hypnosis audio download for anxiety relief

Easy Anxiety Relief

Free  €9.99

This hypnosis audio download for anxiety will guide you into a beautiful state of calm and will help you deal with anxious thoughts and feelings.  


  • MP3 file so you can listen on any device
  • Video version available
  • Duration: 20 minutes

Premium Hypnosis Audio Downloads

Hypnosis for Public Speaking Audio

€30 + taxes

Overcome the fear of public speaking and stage fright with this hypnosis audio download.  The audio contains powerful suggestions to help you feel more in control and begin to speak with confidence. 

This audio is not a replacement for studying, preparation or practicing your public speaking skills. 

  • MP3 file so you can listen on any device
  • Speak with confidence
  • Ideal for audiences of any size
  • Duration: 23 minutes

Sleep Hypnosis Audio

€15 + taxes

This is a sleep hypnosis aid to help you get into the right state of mind for a peaceful, natural and deep sleep.

Bonus Audio:
Contains a quick additional technique to help quieten the mind when you wake up too early.


  • MP3 file so you can listen on any device
  • Helps you fall asleep
  • Duration: 15 minutes

Calm Anxiety Fast


This is an anxiety first-aid kit with techniques you can apply in minutes.  It will help you

  • Silence the critical voice and nagging thoughts
  • Calm nerves before a presentation or exam
  • Stop panic attacks in their tracks
  • Eliminate cravings

  • MP3 file so you can listen on any device
  • 8 mini anxiety lessons
  • Duration: 21 minutes

Language Learning Hypnosis Audio Downloads

Simple Self Hypnsosis for Language Learning

€25 + taxes

Teach yourself self-hypnosis so you can create optimal learning and practice conditions, so you accellerate your path to fluency.

  • MP3 and video format
  • Boost your language confidence 
  • Reduce stress around learning
  • Duration: 16 minutes

Improve Your Focus - Langauge Learning


Take the pressure off studying a foreign language. Use this relaxation based audio before studying or practicing. 

  • MP3 file so you can listen on any device
  • Duration: 10 minutes

Safety Advice and Disclaimer

Warning: All these hypnosis downloads are hypnotic in nature, and must never be used whilst driving, operating machinery, cooking or any activity which requires your attention.  Stay safe!

If you are undergoing medical treatment, speak with your doctor beforehand.

No responsibility can be accepted for your use or misuse of these audio experiences.