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Hypnosis Audio Downloads

These hypnosis downloads are an alternative way to experience hypnosis. You can listen to them at home, in your own time. These are a cost effective solution to help you achieve the results you are looking for.  All audios are professionally recorded and produced by certified hypnotist Oliver M. James.

We have a selection of free and premium downloads for you to use. 

Sleep Now

Usual Price: $19
Now: $7 +merchant fees

Get into the right state of mind for a peaceful, natural and deep sleep. This is a calming audio experience complete with instructions so that you know exactly how to enjoy it.  This can be listened to as often as you need it. 

  • MP3 file for easy downloading
  • Powerful hypnosis experience

Relax and Feel Great

Fill your body with positive feelings and feel great in just 15 minutes. Awaken feeling refreshed and energised. 

  • MP3 file for easy downloading
  • Video version available

Safety Advice

Warning: All these hypnosis downloads are hypnotic in nature, and must never be used whilst driving, operating machinery, cooking or any activity which requires your attention.  We want to keep you safe! 

We accept no responsibility for your use or misuse of these audio experiences.