Online Hypnosis

It's easy to experience online.  It works exactly in the same way as an in-person session. All you need is a good connection and somewhere comfortable to sit.  I offer indvidual hypnosis sessions online for a wide range of issues. 

How does an online hypnosis session work? 

It's important to understand that hypnosis is not a form of magic which only certain people or places can do. 

Hypnosis is a tool which uses your focus and imagination, so as long as you can do that, you can experience hypnosis online anywhere in the world. 

All my online hypnosis sessions take place via Zoom, which is a free piece of software which can be installed on most computers, tablets and phones. 

Booking a Session - How it Works:

When you've decided that it's time to make a change. 


Book an intial free consulation online so you can see if it is right for you. 


Pay for your package of sessions online and pick a time that suits you.  Most clients start with 3 sessions.


Your session begins.
We will typically meet every 1-2 weeks.

Online Hypnosis Sessions For

Reviews and Feedback

I have an ability to get out of spiral thoughts and focus on creative work longer. I chose to work with Oliver because he provides transparent and communicative structures. He also makes the session enjoyable and informative at the same time.

L, Belgium

The hypnotherapy sessions were amazing! Like many language learners out there, I also had an immense fear of speaking the languages I'm learning. It was only after these sessions I had with Oliver, I began to gain more confidence and started to find pleasure just speaking! Oliver also taught my several self-hypnosis techniques that I can use whenever I need to. Thank you very much for this wonderful experience!

Wayne, Singapore

I am very impressed with the results so far & have been sleeping though the night since my sessions with Oliver.

S, Germany