January 1

Natural Stress Relief Technique – The Upper Body Scan

By Oliver M. James

January 1, 2021

What if you could teach yourself a simple technique to relax and reduce stress easily and naturally, without smoking, drinking or eating?  

The below video is a recent group hypnosis session for deep relaxation. Whilst the session itself is a full hypnosis session. Pay attention to the first part, where I guide the participants through a very simple exercise that you can complete in just a few minutes.

Experience it for yourself, find somewhere comfortable to sit. Ensure you're in a safe environment (not cooking, driving, or operating machinery).

After the video, I'll show you how to use it as a natural way to recentre your thoughts and reduce stress. 

Stress Relief in Under 5 Minutes

  1.  Find somewhere comfortable

    This can be a chair, a sofa or a bed. A bed would be best if you are doing this to help you sleep, but otherwise sitting is better to avoid dozing off. 

  2. Get in position

    Place your hands on your legs palms facing upwards. If lying down, simply rest your hands by your side.

    Close your eyes.

    3. Focus your attention on your palm

    Starting with your left or right hand, bring your awareness to it, notice what you notice, maybe a feeling, temperature, sensation, weight. You might feel tingling, heaviness, lightness or pulsations. 

    Once you get a good sense of it, you're ready for the next step.

    4. Let the feeling move up to your elbow, and then the shoulders. 

    Simply draw your attention to your elbow and become aware of it. Once you notice it there, allow it to move up to your shoulders. 

    5. Send it down to the other side of your body

    First into the shoulders, really take the time to notice it, then move it down to the elbow  and finally the hand, before letting it jump across to where you started. 

    6. Repeat two more times