Does smoking really relax you?

By Oliver M. James

July 31, 2021

Smoking for Stress Relief

How can you avoid being more stressed when you stop smoking? After all, the cigarettes have been taking the edge off things and they help you relax. Right?

It's easy to believe this to be true. But a quick look at the many  chemicals in cigarettes, tells us otherwise.  Some used to resurface roads, fuel jets and poison weeds and animals. There is nothing nice nor relaxing about any of these. 

Yet, the relaxation is actually coming from the deep breathing and taking a break, not the cigarette. But the mind perceives it as coming from the cigarette. 

Trick of the Mind

Our mind's play tricks on us all the time. Here's a common example.

Imagine walking down a street and seeing somebody you know. You're about to run up to them and tell them how surprised you are to see them, but all of a sudden you realise it is a total stranger.

It's only when we get a closer look, that we realise what has just happened, until that point, we would have remained convinced that we had seen that person.

Smoking is a simply a trick of perception, and as you have noticed above, we can very quickly change our mind about something once we know the facts. 

Out of Control Smoking

Smoking is perhaps one of the most elaborate tricks of the mind out there, this is just one of them, but there are many more. 

Many people find success simply by quitting cold turkey. Yet, many find it to be a real struggle because although you consciously want to stop smoking, it's as if you simply can't control the urge for the cigarette.  

This is simply because you have already been conditioned to smoke through years of practice. 


In an experiment by Russian psychologist, Ivan Pavlov who famously conditioned dogs to salivate at the simple ring of a bell, without any food being present.

There is nothing about a bell which would make a dog salivate, but by combining it at the same time as food, eventually over time, the dogs would salivate merely at the sound of a bell. 

The same thing occurs to smokers. To begin with, there is no benefit from smoking, often the first one is disgusting, but over time we condition ourselves to smoke at certain times of the day, during breaks, with food, in the car, before bed etc. 

Un-conditioning Yourself

So now you know how the habit was created. It means you can undo it. Some people find success in simply quitting cold turkey, but many struggle because there's even more tricks and traps that lead people into a cycle of stop-start failure.

Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

The good news is you can undo and rewire all the conditioning that has been created around smoking and get complete freedom from it.  

My Stop Smoking Programme

Imagine what would it be like to be healthier, and earn money as you do so?  

When you quit smoking this is what happens. Rather than cross your fingers and hope for the best, My hypnosis programme is designed to help you get there faster, quicker and easier. 

Step 1: Discuss

Together we'll chat to discuss your specific situation so we can build strategies which mean you don't repeat past failures. 

Step 2: Side Step the Side Effects

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Step  3: Rewire

You can't fix a leak by wrapping it in paper.  Together we address the psychological parts that have been keeping you smoking for all these years.