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Free Hypnosis Experience

Take a moment to relax and feel great.

Take a 15 min break, afterwards you’ll feel relaxed and amazing. No need to install anything, free forever. Simply enter your email below to get your hypnosis experience and all the information you need.

Unsure about hypnosis? See our explainer guide below.

Hypnosis explained.

Think of hypnosis as a very focused state. As humans we enter forms of it everyday. If you can listen to music, watch tv or read a book – you will enjoy the experienced offered above. Give it a go and enjoy. 

Yes – providing you are not driving, cooking or operating machinery. You’ll be conscious the whole time and you can come out of hypnosis anytime you wish. This experience allows you to relax and feel great. Perfect for de-stressing after a long day or taking a few mins out.

Very – research has shown hypnosis to be highly effective if you are looking to change some aspect of your life. There are almost limitless uses including stopping smoking, getting over fear or phobias, confidence, sports, public speaking and even chronic pain management.