July 23

Making Hypnosis Work for You

By Oliver M. James

July 23, 2020

Ensure you have these vital ingredients in place before embarking on your journey to change. 

Whether you want to stop a seemingly out of control habit, become more confident, find a new direction in your business or career. When considering using hypnosis and hypnotherapy, many questions come up such as how effective is it and does the change last? 

To get effective results, beyond any techniques or methods, there are some fundamental ingredients that need to be in place first. 

These principles apply to all of our live online hypnosis sessions and recordings.

  1. It’s About You

    This process starts with you. You have to really want the change for your own reasons. You may find yourself a bit torn between changing and staying as you are - this is quite normal. But it is important that the motivation comes from you, for your own reasons.

    Note for parents:

    It’s important that your son or daughter is willing to change the current situation. While it may not always be easy to bring someone to see a hypnotist. This is not a medical appointment. In the initial consultation. Hypnosis naturally provokes curiosity in many young people, which is an excellent state for creating changes. 

  2. Turning the “I should” into an “I must”

    You must want this change. There are many things which we should do that we do not end up doing. To help yourself get to that to a must, you can begin to list on paper the consequences of not changing. 

  3. Are you ready to change now?  

    This is an important one. The change you are working on must be one that you can apply immediately, not 3-6 months later. 

Next Step:

So there you have it, three simple points to keep in mind before booking any hypnosis or hypnotherapy sessions.  To get started, book a free consultation and find out more.