November 8

How to Stop Smoking Forever with Hypnosis

By Oliver M. James

November 8, 2020

If you're looking for stop smoking aids, you might wonder whether hypnosis can help. 

Stopping smoking is often said to be one of the hardest things to do, yet with the right tools and mindset it can be easy. 

Using hypnosis, together, we can make it much easier. Here are five tips when you want to stop smoking. 

1. Take a Small Step

What is the first smallest, mini step you could take today?  Maybe it's doing some researching online about using hypnosis for stopping smoking, maybe it's throwing out the cigarettes.  Maybe it's smoking one less cigarette a day.  Make it small and achievable. 

2. Make It Your Own Decision

Many people I speak to are under pressure from their doctor, children or partner to stop smoking. This is pretty normal and understandable. But as you read this, you may not be sure if you even want to give up smoking. You might wonder how you will cope with stress, being around other smokers or simply getting through the day - but not to worry my stop smoking programme has it all covered.

For you to be successful at quitting smoking, whatever method you use, you will want to ensure that this is your own decision. When someone else is pressuring you, the best you can expect is temporary results.

If you're not yet sure. Here's an exercise you can do. 

Practical Exercise:

1. Take a pen and paper and write out 7 good reasons how quitting smoking would change your life.  Perhaps it's your health, adding years to your life, saving money, being able to manage your stress better. Really have a good think about it. 

2. Ensure you get 7, and then display them somewhere visible . Perhaps on the fridge, and remind yourself of them each day. 

3. Turn the 'I should' into 'I must'

There are a lot of things we should do, but we don't end up doing. You may even catch yourself saying to yourself "I really should stop, but I'll just have one more" 

There are many things we should do, but simply don't. So to help you make it into an "I must", here's another short exercise: 

Practical Exercise:

1. You might want to list out 7 negative consequences of simply doing nothing or quitting smoking much later. Not only the consequences on yourself, but for the people who are important to you. What will happen?

2. Put this list next to the other one, and hang it somewhere visible so you can keep this fresh in your mind. 

4. Make the Decision to Act Now

Only book sessions with with a hypnotist if you really are ready to quit on the day of your appointment.

Before your hypnosis session, understand that you will have smoked your last cigarette.  This is not a process of gradually cutting down or using substitute products such as patches. Imagine what it will be like when you can finally just make that decision and quit.

Using hypnosis and mind-body techniques, you'll have the tools to manage any last remaining cravings before they are gone forever.

FREE Special Report: Understand the Mental Game to Quitting Smoking

Discover the 7 steps for successful smoking cessation. Essential reading for anyone considering hypnosis. 

5. Find the Right Hypnotist for You

I strongly encourage you to arrange an initial call or meeting with the hypnotist or hypnotherapist you're interested in working with. There are many different styles and approaches out there, but the key is to find someone you can connect with. 

How I work:

We will essentially be a team and I will guide you throughout, and set mini tasks to do between sessions. It's really important that you do them because it will let you get the maximum benefit from the sessions.  Learn about my background and experience

Everything we do when working 1-1 online is customised to your situation, no two sessions are the same.  It's very interactive, and also fun. I want you to have a real experience and to go out of the session feeling amazing about yourself. 

I believe in offering a complete service, it's why you'll pay one flat price when you work with me with as many sessions needed so you can quit and get freedom from smoking for life.

We work with the underlying unconscious patterns of behaviour that have been keeping you smoking and find new ways in which you can still get that relief, calmness and satisfaction. 

Not everyone will be the right fit to work with me, and I can sometimes offer suggestions of other skilled hypnotists who you might be a better fit for your needs.