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Quit & Breathe!
Stop Smoking Class

Tired of willpower battles? Take control and get the freedom to live the healthy life you want.  Be a non-smoker without the difficult bits.

The next class will begin on

Sat January 9th 2021 - 10am UK Time

Imagine this. You wake up each morning without the fear, stress or anxiety of being without a cigarette.

This class will show you how to get that freedom, as if you never smoked. 

Does This Sound Like You?

Have you tried everything under the sun to quit smoking and nothing seems to work?

Are you worried about how you'll cope without cigarettes or vaping?

Do you have serious concerns about the long-term health effects of smoking?

Do you want still enjoy a normal social life?

Do you still enjoy smoking and would miss it if you stopped?

Do you feel like you need cigarettes to help you relax?

Are you tired of trying and failing?

Are you curious and very skeptical of hypnosis?

Or perhaps you have a busy career and can't easily take time off during the week?

If you've answered yes to any one of these and you'd like total freedom smoking, keep reading. 

What Will I Get Out of This Class?

This class mixes together hypnosis and teaching so that you get results that stick, and become a non-smoker afterwards.  

In the class you will:

  • Understand how the smoking habits are maintained so you can be free of it. 
  • Go away with rapid techniques that will stop future cravings dead in their tracks
  • Change your thinking so that you have that control back to never smoke again. 
  • Experience a deep relaxing and refreshing hypnotic trance, that will help you rewire your brain making this very easy for you. 

This class is highly practical, and tells it like it is without blaming you or lecturing you on health. 

Will it Work for Everyone?

Hypnosis is not a magic spell, although the results can sometimes seem almost magical. To be successful with hypnosis, you must really want to quit and be able to give the session your full focus, imagination and attention. 

For many of you, this will be all you need to become a non-smoker.  What if this session can be the missing part of the jigsaw? What if you could transform your life?

This will work for you, if you want to quit for good, and you want to do so for your own reasons.  You do not need to clear your thoughts, be a good visualiser, have a certain IQ level or be into anything esoteric to benefit from this class. You simply have to have that desire to quit. 

Some of my clients, will have other issues that they want to address too or would prefer the expertise and follow-up with a series of private hypnosis sessions for stopping smoking.

Reasons to Join:

  • You want to be a non-smoker quickly, with no fuss
  • You want to be proud to say you did it yourself using by following a process, and rewiring your brain. 
  • You want to learn how to be a non-smoker for life,  rather than a few days, weeks or months

This is Not for You If:

  • You do not want to quit for good
  • You want to be forced into quitting against your will
  • You prefer to cut down a bit first
  • Someone else wants you to quit, but you want to still smoke
  • You're not bothered about quitting anytime soon and could wait a few months

If you answered yes to any of these, this class will quite honestly be a waste of time for you. That was blunt wasn't it? You might like to read my article: Does Hypnosis Really Work? and some of the other useful articles on this site in my hypnosis knowledge base.  Pop back when you're ready. 

Why Join This
Stop Smoking Class

  • No willpower needed, just the real desire to be a non-smoker
  • No extra-weight gain or widthdrawl 
  • Gain the real understanding of why you smoked and why you'll be free from it forever
  • Be a non-smoker effortlessly after the session or in the days that follow
  • Attend online via Zoom from anywhere in the world
  • Risk-free, 30 day satisfaction guarantee, no questions asked 

Next class starts on:
Saturday 9 January 2021
10am UK Time (GMT)
Total Price: €99 per person

Interested in something more personalised to you?
Learn about our private sessions.

money back

100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If for any reason, you were are not satisfied with the group stop smoking session. You can contact us for a refund, no questions asked.  Valid for up to 30 days after completing the group session. 


Most of my work is now carried out online, here's some of the testimonials recieved from past clients.
I help people across the world. See more reviews

The session was wonderful and productive. I got great results. Now I’m continuing to notice how myself and my life are becoming better.

Oliver was a very attentive and delicate guide, I felt completely safe. Sensations after the session - lightness and an energy boost!
With confidence, I can recommend a session with Oliver.



“I had an amazing session with Oliver this morning to address the issue of confidence.

I was really impressed with how he approached it and he really helped me to see that I do have it already inside and how I can draw on it when needed.

I am very thankful and highly recommend working with him.!”


United Arab Emirates

Oliver is one of the most talented hypnotists I have had the pleasure of working with! I’m so glad our paths crossed and I hope it crosses again on another journey.”


United States