Rewiring the Brain to Reduce Stress

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Mental power tools for your team

Stress is a silent killer. Not only for your employees health, but for team cohesion, productivity and labour costs. 

In the UK alone, 51% of absences are related to stress, anxiety and depression, that's 17.9 million days lost.  The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, with blurred work/office boundaries, increasing uncertainty and reduced social contact. These are perfect conditions for a rise in stress and anxiety.

We are not efficient under extreme stress and anxiety, we are prone to act impulsively, leading to conflicts and short-sighted decision making.  So what if there were some simple power tools that could be deployed anywhere and at anytime, without people noticing? 

What's it like?

This mini-workshop is not a theoretical or conceptual presentation about stress and anxiety, and how you should try to think positive thoughts instead.  Instead, I will help empower your team to understand how to effectively rewire their own so that can feel empowered, better understand each other and give your team a real boost. 

  • Myths and common traps to avoid when it comes to stress and anxiety
  • Self-talk and how to use it effectively
  • Rapid intervention tools when panic or anxiety hits - learn how to bring it under control in minutes. 
  • Become your own personal mind coach

This workshop can be delivered in person, or online using your prefered video conferencing tool. 

Interested in learning about how this workshop can help your team?

Meet the Speaker

Oliver M. James

You might run a mile. And you can if you want. As a hypnotist, I have to make sure people understand that they are not about to bark like a dog (sorry to disappoint).

Instead, I teach people to tap into their own internal resources and take back control of unwanted habits and mental blocks. 

Hypnosis is no longer a question of belief. Research shows that self-hypnosis training can reduce anxiety, stress, improve confidence, and self-esteem and ultimately business performance.

I'm Oliver M. James, founder of Boost Hypnosis and I am on a mission to help people overcome the everyday emotional challenges that affect almost any business. I believe everyone deserves to live the best kind of life possible.  

Prior to starting Boost Hypnosis. my career as in the UK and Belgium lead to me to work in different sectors including bio-tech, IT and non-profit. Yet no matter what the sector or country, I noticed common patterns of behaviour leading to excess stress. 

My colleagues, often asked me - "How do you stay so calm?"

In this mini workshop, I'll share my strategies with you, based of the latest research in hypnosis and neuroscience.